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Illinois sports betting apps

The state of Illinois has also joined the ever-growing list of states with legalized sports betting when their legislature passed a bill allowing for both brick and mortar sportsbooks and online sportsbooks in the spring of 2019. However, it still remains to be seen when sports gambling will actually be available in the state. 

Licenses have yet to be issued, and no official launch date has been set.

Statewide Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks

As mentioned, Illinois will have both online sportsbooks as well as brick and mortar establishments. While none are in operation as of yet, there is plenty of good news. 

The laws governing these sportsbooks allow for plenty of businesses to apply for a license. Casinos are the obvious choice, and Illinois has 10 operating in the state. 

Racetracks and Off-Track Betting parlors can also apply, and there are over 30 of these establishments. Also, sports arenas will be able to take wagers, leaving sports gamblers with plenty of options before even considering an online sportsbook. 

Available Betting Apps in Illinois

While there are no regulated online sportsbooks as of now, they are on their way. Illinois, thanks to Chicago, is one of the biggest markets in the country, so we are sure to see plenty of betting apps available once they are fully licensed. 

Competition in betting markets is a great thing for players, and we are sure to see plenty of it in Illinois.

There has yet to be any advertising or promoting of any online sportsbooks as of yet, so we remain in the dark as to exactly what they will look like. We do know the Illinois laws governing online sportsbooks will initially require in-person registration, so pay close attention to the closest casino, racetrack, or sports arena near you as they will probably be the first to know.

Best Bonuses and Promotions

As mentioned, since Illinois is such a large market, we are sure to see plenty of sportsbooks, online and on land. This type of competition will lead to plenty of interesting bonuses and promotions across the board. 

When the time comes, be sure to do your research on which sportsbook is offering the best deals. 

Sports Available for Betting

Another area plenty of competition helps the sports bettors is in the sports available for betting. Look for some sportsbooks to focus on the more popular sports such as the NFL or NBA, while others promote themselves as more full-service destinations with plenty of international sports and leagues.

Payment Options

Obviously, the payment options are yet to be decided. However, it is pretty safe to say they will probably be limited to cash or cards initially. 

Since in-person registration is the law of the land, online sportsbooks may have specific payment rules to follow.

Legal Betting Age

The legal sports gambling age in Illinois is 21 years old.