The Best Apps For In Play Betting & Live Streaming

Discover the top apps for live sports betting in 2024. Our expert guide covers user-friendly interfaces, in-play betting and sports live streaming features, and real-time odds updates to enhance your live betting experience.

The thing about people today is not only do they want something, they want it right now. It’s no different in the world of sports betting apps.

Mobile technology is placing the world literally at our fingertips. In seconds we can access information, order groceries, rent a car, or book a hotel. And sports bettors are afforded the same luxury thanks to high-tech apps that deliver the goods to the palm of their hand.

A key element in this mobile evolution is live betting. These are bets within a game, such as who will win the next game of a tennis match, or which team will score next in a football game.

Best In-Play Betting Apps With Live Odds 2024

When you want to live bet, these sites are your best bets.


Since taking over control of the PointsBet USA sports betting sites, Fanatics is looking to drive traffic to their site by placing a heavy emphasis on live betting markets. On the day we checked in at PointsBet/Fanatics, they were offering live markets on FIBA Champions League basketball, NCAA basketball and ITF tennis.

One of the features they offer is live tracking, which keeps you in the loop with up to date live odds on all events the moment that those betting lines are changing. Another perk you’ll discover at PointsBet/Fanatics is their early cash out offer. This enables you to get out of a bet early at a discounted rate of profit, rather than risk riding the wager to the finish line and coming up empty if the scoreline were to change. Live streaming is also available on any device that is compatible with the PointsBet app. You will find, though, the PointsBets betting markets and banking methods don’t go as deep as some of their rival sites.


As a major player among USA sports betting apps, BetMGM makes sure that the site’s live betting markets are always robust. They are constantly updating the betting lines on live events. The day we checked the BetMGM live betting icon, they were offering markets in European Championship soccer, German hockey, tennis and NCAA basketball. 

Another factor that stands out at BetMGM is the competitiveness of their odds. They tend to be set a tick better than their rivals, giving you the chance to take a little more profit out of each successful bet. They also deliver updated stats packages to aid you in your selections. On the downside, BetMGM only gives you seven days to meet the terms and conditions of their welcome offer. Most apps offer a 30-day window in this regard.


They employ their own tech staff at Bet365, designing much of their software and coming up with unique ideas. In fact, Bet365 is viewed in the industry as the originator of the idea of in-play wagering on sports. Not only will the Bet365 app deliver a massive menu of live betting – there were markets in basketball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, esports, and snooker when we checked in with Bet365 – with a simple click you can access live event stats on any of these markets.

Bet365 also enables you to live stream many of the games you’ll be live betting. The main drawback with Bet365 is that they aren’t in nearly as many US markets as rivals like BetMGM, Caesars and DraftKings. However, they are steadily increasing their market share. Bet365 recently added Louisiana to their repertoire.


A number circled in red next to the live betting icon on the Caesars sports betting app indicates immediately how many live betting options are available to you at that very moment. On the day we were looking, it was 23 games across three sports. There were more than 50 betting lines provided for an English League One soccer match between Lincoln City and Leyton Orient.

If there’s a concern when live betting at Caesars, it’s that the app’s quality of live streaming isn’t on par with other sites. And the pages can be slow to download on the Caesars app.


No matter what they do on the FanDuel app, they always seem to do it well. And live betting certainly isn’t the exception to that rule. Click on the live now icon of the FanDuel sportsbook app and you’ll not only be given a list of which sports are currently offering live betting options, they’ll tell you how many events are in action at that exact moment. When we were checking it out, there were 44 live betting options across such sports as soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball and table tennis. There’s also a watch live icon which informs you of the available live streams. 

While FanDuel offers a stats package to go with their live betting experience, what we didn’t like was that these facts are delivered in real time one by one alongside the game you’re betting. You have no control over when they will appear in your timeline.


As soon as you click on the live in-play icon on the DraftKings sports betting app, not only will you be accessing all of the current live betting action, you’ll also be instantly informed of any related promotional offers. At the time we were looking, DraftKings was offering a 25% profit boost on all NBA bets. There were nearly 100 live betting markets in play across such sports as soccer, tennis and basketball, including a Portugal Cup basketball game between Maia Basket and Illiabum.

Entering recently into agreement with SportRadar, DraftKings now offers live streaming options to go alongside their deep menu of live betting action, correcting an area where the site was lagging behind rivals.


Massive amounts of live betting options are available at the BetRivers sportsbook app. Click on the live button on the site and you’ll be taken to all of their available live betting action. Icons inform you whether there’s a same-game parlay option, and they even provide a counter telling you how many bets have been placed on that particular event. Live streaming and live tracking are also available.

One drawback at BetRivers is that the site’s signup bonus isn’t nearly as lucrative as most other sites. But they only attach a 1x rollover to the funds, so that helps make up for the lesser maximum amount. 


The amount of live betting options available at the Borgata sports betting app is mind boggling. An ITF tennis match between Kazakhstan’s Denis Yevseyev and Spain’s Carlos Taberner, not exactly household names, was delivering no less than 73 separate live betting lines when we checked in on their app.

Unfortunately, the Borgata isn’t backing up this action with views. Live streams are few and far between. And another downside is that you can only access the Borgata sportsbook app in New Jersey.


The first thing that catches your eye about the Unibet sports betting app is the huge live betting link on the main page. It even informs you as to how many events are live at that very moment. On the day we checked, there were 56 events. 

Live streaming is a big part of the Unibet live betting experience. You’ll be able to download many of the matches you’re live betting directly on your app. Drawbacks to Unibet are the site’s low welcome offer and limited rewards program.

Live Streaming: Watch & Bet App

In the realm of sports betting apps, live betting was created to be utilized via a mobile device. The idea of being able to make a bet at any time from anywhere you might be was a natural combination. And considering that studies are showing approximately 80% of sports bets in the USA online market are being placed on mobile apps, it was a natural response to fit the market.

The natural next step in this process was to factor live streaming into the equation. If you’re going to be betting on the go, then you’re going to want to see how the outcome of that bet is unfolding. Today, everything from the NFL, to the NHL and MLB, to world wide sporting events like English Premier League soccer and the Korea Baseball organization can not only be wagered upon, but also can be live streamed on the platforms of sports betting apps, both Android and iOS.

7 Best US Live Streaming Apps to Use in 2024

In the USA sports betting market, these are the sportsbook apps offering the best access to live streaming of sports.

  1. Bet365: A pioneer in the industry, Bet365 offers extensive free live streaming options directly on their app. The Bet365 Video Wall allows users to watch a wide range of sports, from mainstream leagues like the NBA and MLB to niche sports like Brazilian basketball. A funded account is all that’s required to access streams.
  2. BetMGM: This app features its own in-house live streaming platform, launched in 2020. BetMGM offers live streaming of sports including NHL hockey, professional tennis, and European soccer leagues. Live streaming is available to users with funded BetMGM accounts.
  3. Caesars: Notable for being the first U.S. app to stream an NFL game, Caesars offers live streaming through a partnership with Genius Sports. The Caesars Watch And Bet feature streams a variety of sports globally, available to users with a funded account and a history of betting with Caesars.
  4. FanDuel: As an official partner of MLB and NHL, FanDuel streams MLB games and select NHL games. It was the first U.S. app to offer live streaming and also provides FanDuel TV+, streaming over 3,000 hours of sports, accessible to users with an active FanDuel account.
  5. Unibet: Unibet offers a comprehensive live sports streaming service, covering major soccer leagues, tennis, basketball, and other sports. Users need to place a bet on the event they wish to watch and maintain a funded account.
  6. DraftKings: Partnering with SportRadar in 2020, DraftKings allows live streaming of various sports, including Bundesliga soccer and Korean baseball. With an active account and positive wallet balance, users can access streams through the DraftKings Nation service.
  7. PointsBet/Fanatics: Offering live streams of NFL games, PointsBet/Fanatics requires a minimum bet and local broadcasting of the event for access. They also stream tennis, table tennis, and European basketball and soccer, along with providing real-time play-by-play animations for other sports.

In Play Bets FAQs

What are the Top Features to Look for in a Sportsbook App for Live Betting?

When choosing a sportsbook app for live betting, look for features like real-time odds updates, a wide range of betting options, easy navigation, reliable customer support, and secure payment methods. Additionally, live streaming of events and quick bet placement are essential for a seamless live betting experience.

How Do I Know if a Sportsbook App is Trustworthy for Live Betting?

A trustworthy sportsbook app should be licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. Check for reviews, the app’s history in the market, and its commitment to responsible gambling. Secure payment options and transparent terms and conditions are also key indicators of reliability.

Can I Place Live Bets on All Sports with These Apps?

Most top sportsbook apps offer live betting on a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and more. However, the availability of live betting options may vary based on the app and the specific sports season.

Are There Any Bonuses Specific to Live Betting in Sportsbook Apps?

Yes, some sportsbook apps offer bonuses and promotions specifically for live betting. These can include free bets, odds boosts, and cashback offers on live bets. Always read the terms and conditions to understand the requirements for these bonuses.

Is Live Betting on Sportsbook Apps Legal Everywhere?

The legality of live betting on sportsbook apps varies by region and country. It’s important to check the local laws in your area before engaging in live betting. In places where it’s legal, ensure you are using a licensed and regulated app.

How Do the Pricing and Subscription Models for Sports Betting Apps with Live Streaming Compare to Dedicated Streaming Services like FuboTV?

Sports wagering websites with live streaming, such as Bet365 or DraftKings, often include the streaming service as part of their betting platform, requiring an active and funded account but not necessarily a separate subscription fee. In contrast, dedicated streaming services like FuboTV specialize in live sports and entertainment streaming and operate on a subscription model, typically offering a range of pricing plans based on the content package.

While sports books focus more on the betting experience with streaming as an added feature, services like FuboTV are designed for a comprehensive live sports viewing experience.

Are There Free Options for Live Sports Streaming, and How Do They Compare to Paid Services?

Some sports apps offer free live streaming with certain conditions, like having a funded account or having placed a bet on the event. These free options are generally limited to the sports and events available on the betting platform. In contrast, paid services like FuboTV, ESPN+, and Sling TV offer a wider range of sports coverage and additional features like DVR capabilities and multiple simultaneous streams.

Free streaming options may suffice for casual viewers or bettors focused on specific events, while paid services cater to users seeking a comprehensive sports viewing experience across various sports and leagues.